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Our IP Network System

An IP network system, such as ours and even our competitors’, does not always have 100% connectivity throughout all of its servers. We strive for that, but considering we have servers all over the world that are inter-dependent upon one another, when something affects one server, the other servers (and customers connected to it) may also be affected with a momentary or long time loss of connection.

As a result, no “hide IP” software can ever be run “indefinitely” without a single issue. Even your local ISP, as good as it may be, would be hard pressed to guarantee 100% connectivity, all of the time. Acts of nature, an Act of God, man made and natural disasters as well as man made and natural interruptions all make such a guarantee impossible.

The lawyers tell us that we have to provide a fairly broad disclaimer about our IP server system.

But as a practical matter, because we are a “for profit” corporation and want to continue being that way for years yet to come, we do all we can to be certain that our customers have a great experience with us in terms of dealing with the software. And, because of the limitations that are inherent in any “hide IP” software, we offer the very in best pre-sales, sales and technical support. And our competitors know it.

For example, we provide FREE lifetime support for customers of HideMyIP.com. And all of our Support is 100% American based.

Here’s how that’s broken down:

Free, 24/7 email support for technical, sales and pre-sales questions.
Click this link for assistance: Submit A Ticket

Free, 24/7 Help Forum support for technical, sales and pre-sales questions.
Click this link for assistance: Help Forum

Free, 5 days a week phone support for technical, sales and pre-sales questions.
* Available Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm (Pacific Time)
* United States and Canada 1-866-343-6722 (Toll Free)
* International Calls 1-760-718-3589