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Watch Out Mommy Bloggers

It seems that the Federal Trade Commission will be putting into effect a brand new set of guidelines called “Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” regarding bloggers who endorse products.

As I understand it, if you endorse some kind of product in your blog and fail to disclose your relationship with the manufacturer of that product, then you could find yourself with a pretty big fine ($11,000) from the FTC!

An ABC on line news article summed it up best with this headline and story: Mommy Bloggers Could Be Held Liable for Product Reviews

The guidelines have met a ton of criticism from both political liberals and conservatives because of their alleged vagueness.

What about the affiliates of softtware (or Internet) products? Are they subject to this vague disclosure thing when they blog-endorse the very product they are supposed to be promoting?

And finally: Hasn’t this all gone just a little too far?