Avast Mobile Security is Free Now

Avast Mobile Security which is one of the most popular antivirus and security apps on Android devices is finally available for free now. Although the app was already free but the free version had limited features while the premium version with all the advanced features was available for $1.99 per month or $19.99 per year via subscription. The free version of Avast Mobile Security had basic security features like scanning apps.

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The premium version had paid features like Privacy Advisor that keeps a close eye on apps’ activities all the time and notifies users when an app leaks personal information and data. Other than the Privacy Advisor, Avast Mobile Security premium version also has App Lock feature which is quite popular among Android users. This feature allows users to lock specific apps so user with PIN can run those.

Two other features On-Device Firewall and Network Usage Meter are now discontinued because On-Device Firewall was only available on rooted devices which only a fraction of people do and the Network Usage Meter is not a very popular feature. Avast Mobile Security is well known for its amazing security features like device security, advanced user control, malware security and anti theft features.

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Avast offers numerous other apps and services too. Most of these apps are available for free on Google Play Store and integrate with each other perfectly. Avast Anti-Theft is a separate app that is used to find lost and stolen devices. Other apps and services from Avast are Avast Battery Saver, Avast Ransomware Removal, Avast Passwords, Avast Cleanup and Boost and Avast Wi-Fi Finder.

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The company also develops amazing apps and services for iOS devices too. Avast SecureMe is a popular app among iOS users and it does support a wide range of iOS devices including iPad, iPhone and iPod.

iOS 9.3 to come with fingerprint security

Although the latest version of iOS 9.3 is still few weeks behind but the company has released information about some new features. Some of these features are specifically designed to increase productivity while some are going to revolutionize mobile security. In this latest version, users will be able to use fingerprints to secure their personal information and data.

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All iOS devices which have TouchID can use fingerprint scanner embedded in the Home button to unlock the device and to purchase apps and games from iTunes. Of course these features were optional and they were highly successful among users. The latest feature is the next step, that gives users confidence of storing their personal and financial information on their mobile device.

Users can store their bank information, medical information and other data in Notes app and lock it using their fingerprints. They can also use a password but TouchID adds an additional layer of security. Although Apple introduced TouchID in iPhone few years back but now iPad also come with TouchID. Many third party apps use TouchID to authenticate users while storing their passwords and other information.

Besides the above described security feature, Apple has introduced many other new features. For example, Night Shift is a newly introduced feature which is not present in any other mobile platform at this moment. With this feature, users can increase orange screen light and reduce blue color at night. You can not only manually enable/disable this feature but you can set schedule too.

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Apple’s newer 3D Touch feature will support some native apps including Settings, Compass and Health. This feature is expected to increase the performance and day to day productivity of users by allowing them to access their favorite apps and features more easily. Live Photos are also a hit and iOS 9.3 allows users to save their favorite Live Photos as still image too.

How can I access geo-restricted contents using HideMyIP?

There are many ways to access geo-restricted contents and millions of people all around the world prefer VPN and SmartDNS because of their advantages over other methods. Let’s see how you can unblock websites and access geo-restricted contents using HideMyIP.

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What are geo-restricted contents?

Geo-restricted contents refer to any website or online service which is not available in a particular country or region. For example, Pandora Internet Radio is only available in USA, New Zealand and Australia. It is a geo-restricted service that you cannot access from other countries with normal methods. However, SmartDNS and VPN can do that.

How does VPN work?

HideMyIP VPN service works by changing your IP address that means it changes your geographical location which appears on the internet. By doing this, VPN unblocks websites and services which are not available in your country. VPN also encrypts your web traffic that makes you anonymous on the internet and prevent 3rd parties like intruders, hackers and even government agencies to see your online activities.

In order to unblock geo-restricted contents, you need to connect with a VPN server which is located in the country where those contents are available. For example, Netflix is available in the USA and you want to access it from Germany then you need to connect to a VPN server in USA. Think of VPN server as a middleman who takes requests from you and gets your back data from server.

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How does SmartDNS work?

HideMyIP has started SmartDNS service for its users and you can use SmartDNS to access geo-restrict content. Besides the structural and operational difference between these two methods, VPN and SmartDNS have another big difference. SmartDNS does not encrypt your web traffic like VPN does, it does not make you anonymous on the internet but instead its main and only purpose is allowing users to access geo-restricted contents. However, SmartDNS comes with better performance than VPN because of lack of encryption.

Enterprise Mobile Security Trends You Should Follow in 2016

Mobile devices not only have become an important part of our lives but they are now penetrating the enterprises on global scale. Of course mobile devices like phones and tablets have their own advantages on organizational level as they have direct impact on productivity but they also have lots of disadvantages. These devices present security vulnerabilities; hackers can take advantage and get access to sensitive data and information about organizations and enterprises.

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On the other hand, employees and employers are now dependent on mobile devices more than ever. More they depend on these devices, more the importance of securing such infrastructure. It is not quite possible and even easy to alter the entire ecosystem overnight but there are some enterprise mobile security trends in 2016 that you should know and implement to secure your personal and business data.

Antimalware apps on mobile devices

This is no brainer; security software and apps provide the first and most important security layer regardless of the role of that mobile device in your life. We all know Android platform does not have a very bright reputation when it comes to security but contrary to popular belief, iOS is also not as secure as you might think. Experts have discovered tons of security vulnerabilities and few serious threats in last couple of months. Cyber criminals have been targeting desktop platforms like Windows, Linux and MacOS for years and now their next targets are mobile operating systems.

Binary Matrix Security

Make sure you install a reputable security app on all of your mobile devices and don’t forget to update or upgrade those apps in timely manner.

Communication security

Hackers not necessarily have to hack your mobile device to get access to your personal and financial information; they can intercept your communication in much easier way as it is possible even remotely. For example, enterprises and organizations all over the globe use wireless communication media which is easy to hack unless you deliberately make it secure for your communication. VPNs are used to serve this purpose and millions of individuals and companies use this technology for secure communication.

HideMyIP provides VPN services to its customers and the best thing about VPN connections is encryption that is implemented by using latest security protocols and standards.

Third party apps

Now that is something that could cripple your company entirely; hackers and cyber criminals use 3rd party apps and software to infect target devices and some of these malware are designed to be self spreading. Although experts and security firms like Symantec and McAfee discovered some vulnerabilities in Google Play Store and iTunes but official app stores are usually considered safer than the alternative.

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Organizations and enterprises must implement strict policies and rules about installing 3rd party apps and software on mobile devices which are used for company related communication.

Regular testing and auditing

Of course regular testing and security auditing could be expensive but in order to add another security layer in your organizational security, you must hire reputable penetrating testing team at least a year to perform thorough testing on your systems and mobile devices.

Security audits not only reveal hidden security flaws and vulnerabilities but they might help your organization define upcoming security policies for the future.

Unblock Websites Using HideMyIP SmartDNS

SmartDNS is a well known method to unblock geo-restricted websites and services. Although SmartDNS does not provide encryption but it is considered a better way to access blocked websites as compared to VPNs and Proxies. The word ‘DNS’ in SmartDNS refers to Domain Name Server that actually associates domain names with their actual IPs.

Usually this is provided by your ISP but you can also use your own DNS address like some people use Google’s DNS. SmartDNS receives your request for a particular website and removes the part that contains your actual geographical location.

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SmartDNS shows a different location to the website that means that blocked website would see you accessing its services from a different location that is not blocked. The main purpose of using SmartDNS is accessing blocked websites and services but it cannot provide online anonymity because it does not come with encryption.

Advantages of using HideMyIP SmartDNS

  • SmartDNS does not encrypt web traffic that means faster communication between the client and server. Lack of encryption makes SmartDNS the best option for streaming contents from Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services.
  • SmartDNS supports almost all internet enabled devices. Unlike VPN, SmartDNS could be used on all kind of computers, laptops, phones and tablets.
  • Even a user with no technical knowledge of prior experience can configure and initialize SmartDNS on any compatible device.
  • You can use SmartDNS to unblock websites from different websites simultaneously. For example, you can unblock geo-restricted websites from UK and USA at the same time using a single SmartDNS.

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HideMyIP SmartDNS supports a wide range of devices and it can unblock all popular geo-restricted websites and services like Netflix, BBC and Hulu. The best thing about SmartDNS is its cost efficiency; HideMyIP offers this service for free for some locations and you can get premium subscription for unlimited and unrestricted access.